WAY TO REDUCE STRESS (practice writing english)

   Hello I am a student at VUS taking class YLC2 and my name is Nguyen Ngo Gia Bao today I have a lesson in VUS I want to share with everyone that is about problem health. I'm learning about reduce stress and want to share it with you!

 I'm currently learning English, so my English is still bad, there may be some error in grammar or vocabulary, if you find it, please help me to improve. Please.

                                    WAY TO REDUCE STRESS


Youuuu should get seven to nine hours of sleep every night


You shouldn't argue with your friends! Because doing so will make you more stressed


-When you feel you stress you can play game 

-Hang out with friend

-Play sport example: Football,Volleyball,Basketbal....

- Listening to music will help you reduce stress more


-You should get some rest when you feel stress

                             Thank you for view my blog

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