The strangest food in VietNam!

Hello everyone today I want to tell you about the 'Đuông Dừa'!

Đuông Dừa is the strangest dish in Vietnam, no one thinks they can eat it but it is really delicious  (actually I don't know what the English word is but I think it's coconut worm) it lives in the of coconut trees. In Vietnam we have many ways to eat it, usually boiled to cook and most often eaten raw or grill?, you can also add a lot of spices, chili sauce or shrimp paste.

                                 ''Coconut worm when grill''

It's very fat when you eat it, it feels delicious, you can also make a salad with it

                      " shrimp paste is a perfect sauce to eat"

 Coconut worms are delicious dishes that you should not miss if you are a food lover. However, to have the best experience, you should have knowledge about them. Hopefully the above article will bring you "cool" knowledge about coconut worms and the delicious dishes made from them. I hope you have a "wonderful" experience while enjoying 

                        thank you for viewing my blog

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